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Justice David Navarro sworn into Appellate Court

Congratulations to Justice David Navarro, who was newly sworn into the Appellate Court of Illinois, First District.  Justice Navarro is only the fourth Latino in Illinois to join the Appellate Court in its history.   He follows Retired Justice David Cerda who was assigned to the Appellate Court in 1989 and served until his retirement in 2002;  Retired Justice Rodolfo Garcia who also served on the court of review by assignment from 2003 to 2012; and Justice Jesse Reyes, the first Latino ever elected to the Illinois Appellate Court in 2012 and continues to serve with distinction.  He is now joined by Justice Navarro on the first district court marking this the first time in Illinois’ history that the Latino community has two Justices serving together.

We are confident that Justice Navarro will serve with distinction and continue to bring pride to our community.  CONGRATULATIONS JUSTICE NAVARRO!

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